Thursday, 12 April 2012

Success Resources Presents “Date with Destiny” – Claiming and Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

People have goals in life. As they journey towards their goals, there are times that they encounter circumstances where they made wrong decisions. These keep them moving around and delaying their success. This becomes frustrating to some. But when this instance happens, people tend to deviate from their goal and just give up easily. Richard Tan is very much aware of this scenario which is why one of the mission of Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) is to promote educational events that can help people move forward after each failure and achieve their dreams amidst difficulties. Date with Destiny is just one the events Success Resources has organized.

“Date with Destiny” is a seven-day module of self-evaluation and working your way to achieving your heart’s desire. Success Resources organized the event, Date with Destiny, to get the speaker motivate the participants to get back to their feet and move forward. This event aims to aid the participants in discovering their strengths and weaknesses and use it for their own advantage. By discovering their talents and skills, the participants will be able to assess their strengths and capabilities. They will also be taught on how to have a positive outlook in life and identify the obstacles that they might be encountering. Once all these are set, the participants will be able to think of ways to surpass these obstacles and reach their goal.

Date with Destiny does not only focuses on your business or working environment. It will also train you how to keep a balanced life – family and work. They will give you a scenario and activities that will guide you in surpassing each phase of your transition. As you continue with the training, you will be able to create positive goals and plan a successful life. Once you are done with the module, you have molded yourself to a better person with positive outlook in life and a mind moving towards success.

Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources, continuously organizes events such as “Date with Destiny” to provide individuals with the best role models that they can emulate for them to reach their dreams. Success Resources aids individuals not only with business issues but also with their personal development. All the events organized by Success Resources is presented by top speakers with proven methods of being successful. Registering to one of these events will give you an opportunity that you should not miss. Date with Destiny is just one of them. You can start attending this event to know more about yourself. You will be able to explore your options and create a successful vision. It is also a chance for each participant to mingle with other people and share ideas and experiences. The participants you are with may be one of the people that you will be working with to achieve your success.

Richard Tan believes that experience is the best teacher and this is his way of sharing the lessons he learned from his own experiences. If you want to be successful, learn from your experiences, discover more about yourself and make it your guide to your success.

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