Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Unleashing The Power Of Our Mind

It has been said that our brain is capable of such immense powers and that ordinary people use only ten percent of it. William Clement Stone, in his famous book “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude” quotes that ‘whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This might be a kind of mind-boggling, but it is true. How do we “ordinary people” obtain this goal?

Tapping the power of the mind is not really a difficult task, as long as we know the techniques. It can even be enjoyable to practice them daily, with patience.

      1.      Visualize.

When you read something, a book or a magazine, try to imagine the scenery around it. Pretend it’s a movie. Watch the scenes, hear the sounds. Imagine the scents and feel the texture. This way, neural passages are created, stimulating brain cells. Visualize as many details as you can. This is a great memory booster.

2.      Rest.

A cellphone needs to be recharged when battery power runs out. Long usage and opening too many apps can drain its power. Like a cellphone, our minds need to recharge after long concentration. Closing our eyes and resting is the means to recharge it. Rest ten minutes after an hour of heavy mental task. Sleep at least six hours nightly to give your minds its much-needed rest.

Studies show that storing information in our long-term memory is a complex process, and it needs adequate sleep and rest to perform correctly.

3.      Use mnemonics.

Mnemonics is the art or practice of improving or aiding the memory. This is used in combination with visualization. Use the law of association to facilitate quicker recall. For example, you meet a woman named Angel Bender. In your mind, visualize an angel with her face bending over you. Another popular example is what your music teacher taught you: that the notes on the treble staff are EGBDF, which stands for Every Good Boy Does Fine.

4.      Mental Exercise.

Just as the brain needs rest, it also needs exercise. Like our bodies, our mind thrives in the alternate shifting of exercise and rest.

Trying something new and different will increase our mental flexibility, our reasoning capability, and memory hold. Try your hand at solving brain games like Sudoku or scrabble. Try also computer video games that stimulate our mental ability. A new set of neural pathways are created which can increase mind power.

5.       Be stress-free.

Physical, emotional, and mental stress can exact a heavy toll on our whole system. A little stress can prepare us for bigger challenges in life, but too much of it can be our enemy. Staying focused on a task while under stress decreases our capabilities and may produce unwanted results. Relax, and get into the habit of distressing yourself.

Interacting and socializing with family and friends is a good stress reliever. Lavish love on a pet. Take time to meditate. Spend an afternoon listening to your favorite music. These can soothe tense nerves and increase feelings of well-being that improves focus.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Keeping The Brain In Shape

Our brain is a very special organ in our body. Being the seat and center of our own universe, it needs special care to boost its potentials. How does one increase one’s mind power?

A. Diet and supplements

Just like any other part of our body, a healthy diet will be very beneficial. Foods considered as “brain food,” meaning foodstuff that can nourish and stimulate brain cells, are fish, green, leafy vegetables, nuts, lean meat, and olive oil. Many believe that almonds improve memory.

Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and folic acid. Supplements to consider are selenin and alpha-lipoic acid. They are known to be helpful in improving memory.

Be adventurous and try some tea. Tulsi tea, made from holy basil, and Indian herb, and ginseng tea are fine examples of herbs that keep you alert. They can help reduce cortisol, a stress-hormone that deters memory.

Popular herbal supplement  Ginkgo biloba is known to increase blood flow to the brain. Also helpful are St. John’s Wort and apple juice.

B. Daily exercise

A good dose of daily exercise is good not only to the muscles, but also to our brains. Take a twenty-minute walk with your favorite dog. Not only does it lift your spirit, it also keeps your blood flowing in your systems, including those tiny blood vessels in the brain. It makes us think clearly, too. Dance, jog, swim, weight-lift. The list of fun things to do is endless. Learning new steps and new movements activates our brain and form new neural connections.

After the exercise, don’t skip on the rest. Relaxation is just as good. Five to seven hours of restful sleep refreshes us with a joyful readiness to start the day right. It is relaxing for the body, mind, and spirit. “Power naps,” a 20-30 minute doze after lunch break, is believed to be beneficial to our productivity, because it improves and recharges the mind.

Other must-try’s:  meditation and yoga.  In the book “Your Maximum Mind” by Herbert Benson, an experiment was cited wherein group of students who were taught meditation was compared to another group who were not taught any meditation technique. The first group showed that they have a higher level of academic achievement and cognitive growth, through standard academic and psychological tests.

C. Keeping Mentally Active

Keeping ourselves mentally stimulated will sharpen our memories and keep our brain agile. Solving puzzles, writing, and word games are good examples. Learn a foreign language or an instrument. Memorize the names and faces of new acquaintances. Play Scrabble, Pictionary, or Boggle. Reach for your computer and search out for video games that offer brain teasers. Who says they’re only for children? They are useful in keeping our motor and neural nerves active.

Like our muscles, our brain needs exercise and a period of rest after some activity. This is important to give it time to process any incoming information and organize it within. That way, we can access any info with ease when we need to recall.

Tips In Upgrading Our Body’s Mental Processor

That super computer between our ears called the human brain can slow down and lag if we do not take care of it. Actually, we can reverse the process of deterioration and decline, and boost its capacity to a greater potential by revving up with the following tips:

Get the right exercise. Physical activity is great for the heart, the muscles, and the brain. Regular exercise stimulates the production of new brain cells and reinforces their interconnection. It keeps blood pumping and oxygen flowing to the tiny vessels of the brain, which will result in our mental alertness.

Walk around the block, notice the sights, sounds, and scents. These details reawaken the visual and aural parts of our brain, as well as our memory.

Have a good night’s rest. Five to seven hours of sleep gives our brains the relaxation in needs to consolidate the memories and the data input for the day. Sleep deprivation will affect our mental functions.

Never skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day, as it provides the body and mind with sufficient energy to sustain through the day. Chew your food well. Researches reveal that slow chewing elevates the heart rate, and thus pushing more oxygen to the brain. Chewing releases insulin, which in turn stimulates the memory function.

Munch on walnuts. The Omega-3 found in them is linked to the maintenance of our brain functions. Rolled oats with cinnamon makes a good brainy breakfast combination. Grab some fruit instead of candy. An elevated blood sugar can impede brain cell movements.

Avoid chronic stress. While a small dose of stress is useful in increasing our coping mechanism, long term physical and mental exposure can be damaging to our brain cells.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Redecorate your bedroom. Plant new flowers in your garden. Rearrange the furniture in the living room. These activities keep our brain cells active and moving.

Learn to play a musical instrument or learn a foreign language. Not only are they fun, they prevent boredom and discourage our brain cells to atrophy.

Who says games are only for children? Look around and there are a lot of games that are mentally stimulating. Computer games, board games, word games, have your pick.

Avoid going overboard with your temper. A lot of chain reaction ensues, like strained relationships and misunderstandings that can trigger more conflict. A lot happens inside us, too. It affects our heart, our digestive system, our outlook, and shrinks our memory center. Cool down and address the problem before you erupt.

Take your siesta guilt-free. Power naps consisting of 20 – 30 minutes after lunch spells a lot of difference in terms of productivity and mental function

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tips on Handling your Financial Security by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says that riches can be easily achieved by people who are determined to make their own path. He learned this from his father’s wealthy friend. He started making his own path and be responsible for his own finances. He published his own book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and made his own campaign in a garage in his friend’s house. Some this humble beginning, the book sales increased and become one of the best-sellers for years.

Robert shares that not all of his business ventures are successful and that they are no guarantees when you invest on a business or be an entrepreneur. But if you want to have a better financial security, you have to learn a few things:

a)    Will your money be used when you retire or to be used for your savings plan?
b)    Bond’s safety may be deceptive
c)     The positive and negative aspects of saving your money in banks and other traditional institutions. Discover how is your money affected in times of inflation and what are the factors that affects your investments in mutual funds.

To sum it all, you have to be familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages of being responsible for your own financial security. If you do not have all the information you needed, you may be unsuccessful in your investment and will make you financially unsecured.

Robert suggests investing money on real assets like gold, silver and oil. He says to avoid investing on stocks, bonds, real-estate, savings or mutual funds. And before you invest, you have to check everything and consult qualified professionals that can guarantee your investment success.

But before asking your questions, be sure you already have some basic knowledge about your investment. This will aid you in understanding the complicated things during the discussion and you can even clarify some of the things you learn from the experts.

Do not be afraid to take risks. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. Do not wait for other people to be successful. If you wait, you will realize that someone has already taken the place where you should have been. Be one of those who risk and started their business and become successful. Learn more about investments and get all your details. If you have the right knowledge and the determination you are be guaranteed of your success.

To get more advice and help you in getting a clearer path to your financial security, visit Success Resources. Richard Tan heads Success Resources and organizes events where Robert Kiyosaki inspires participants in making their own way to financial security. Just visit Success Resources website and register to one of the events where Robert Kiyosaki is the speaker and be inspired.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Re-Creating Your Life Plan

Each and everyone have their own reasons for being happy. Many would tell you that being rich does not guarantee that you will be happy. Sometimes people with enough income are happier than those people who are earning more. This just shows that it is not only the amount of money that determines a person’s happiness but it also includes the person’s self worth, freedom, family and friends.

Happiness is based on a person’s contentment in life. If they prefer a simple life, they will be happier in having a job, enough income to support their family, and time to spend with their family. Happiness can be felt based on your expectations in life. If one or more of your expectations are not met, you tend to doubt yourself resulting to lower self-esteem. This will make you unhappy and may cause you to lose track of your goal.

Every person has his own life plan drawn out since childhood. Whether it is influenced by your parents, teachers and mentors, this plan is changing as the time goes by. The key to being happy is to have your own control of your destiny. It is not always about the money. Sometimes, it is about your confidence and your determination to be successful in life which will help you attain your happiness.

You are taught to work hard to earn money. But T. Harv Eker teaches a different thing. In his Millionaire Mind Intensive program, he teaches people to use money to be of service to other people. You have to condition your mindset that you are earning money not for the sake of having money but for serving your customers and assisting them in everything they need. This means you have to create a business that you believe has good quality products or services. A business that even you as the owner would like to have and know that will satisfy your customers’ needs. If you put all your efforts and passion on a business that you enjoy, the money you will be earning will just be a bonus. Your happiness lies on the customer satisfaction that you have achieved. If you are providing the right products and services and looks at your customer who are happy with your products and services, you get a boost of your self-esteem and will become more inspired in doing your work. Money will just be something that you get as a bonus for giving the best products and services.

So if you are now ready to venture into your happiness and know all the right things to adjust your life plan, you can join T. Harv Eker’s Miilionaire Mind Intensive. This event will guide you in making a new life plan and be free of financial problems and have a successful business.

Be happy, redraw your life plan and make a life changing decision, visit the website of Success Resourcesheaded by Richard Tan for more information on T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Preview Of What Happens In An Ultimate Internet Bootcamp Event With Success Resources

Ultimate Internet Boot Camp

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) presents you Ultimate Internet Boot Camp. At the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp top experts in Internet business will walk you through their proven methodology for making passive income online. Come in with nothing – no product, no experience, and no technology know-how – and leave five days later with your own real online business.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Success Resources: Unlimited Power with Anthony Robbins

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organizes events that educate individuals to develop their personal skills, discover talents and use them to create globally competitive businesses. Richard Tan of Success Resources believes that every person has the power to change and succeed in business. Whether a person has money to invest or have only the skills to be successful. To continue motivating individuals to pursue their goals and be competitive globally, Richard Tan of Success Resources organized the event entitled Unlimited Power.

Unlimited Power was organized by Success Resources to let Anthony Robbins share his expert opinion on how to make you successful in life. Anthony Robbins believes that each individual has the power to turn their life around. Having unlimited power means using the knowledge you have learned and putting them into actions. Anthony Robbins will also discuss the importance of communication in attaining this power. Each participant will learn the importance of knowing what you wanted to achieve in order to plan for your success. Once you have a clearer view of the outcome you wanted, you can then plot your business plan. Each participant will also be taught how to understand and interpret feedbacks and responses that they will be encountering. This will give them an idea how to solve problems and how to react to other people’s criticisms. Furthermore, Anthony Robbins will also discuss how to make flexible changes to your plan. Your first strategy might not give you the best outcome. In order to achieve your goal, you have to switch to another strategy. Aside from these strategies, attending Ultimate Power will introduce you to different qualities that you need to have for you to be successful. This includes passion for your work, belief that you will achieve your goal, organizing resources, outlining your business based on your values, building harmonious relationship with your partners and co-workers, keeping your energy to its maximum and how to communicate properly. Learning these things will help you in reaching your goal and be globally competitive.

With this event, Ultimate Power, organized by  (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources, you will be able to take charge of your business and get your mind to focus on achieving your goal with the guidance of your core values. You will also discover what your goal is and be able to communicate it effectively to your partners, co-workers and employees. Making them understand your goal will give them the motivation to do good and perform at their best. Lastly, you will discover your strength and weaknesses. You will know what drives you to succeed and avoid things that you know will let your down. By the end of the event, you will be able to create a successful business that will also help other people achieve their dreams. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Success Resources Presents “Date with Destiny” – Claiming and Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

People have goals in life. As they journey towards their goals, there are times that they encounter circumstances where they made wrong decisions. These keep them moving around and delaying their success. This becomes frustrating to some. But when this instance happens, people tend to deviate from their goal and just give up easily. Richard Tan is very much aware of this scenario which is why one of the mission of Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) is to promote educational events that can help people move forward after each failure and achieve their dreams amidst difficulties. Date with Destiny is just one the events Success Resources has organized.

“Date with Destiny” is a seven-day module of self-evaluation and working your way to achieving your heart’s desire. Success Resources organized the event, Date with Destiny, to get the speaker motivate the participants to get back to their feet and move forward. This event aims to aid the participants in discovering their strengths and weaknesses and use it for their own advantage. By discovering their talents and skills, the participants will be able to assess their strengths and capabilities. They will also be taught on how to have a positive outlook in life and identify the obstacles that they might be encountering. Once all these are set, the participants will be able to think of ways to surpass these obstacles and reach their goal.

Date with Destiny does not only focuses on your business or working environment. It will also train you how to keep a balanced life – family and work. They will give you a scenario and activities that will guide you in surpassing each phase of your transition. As you continue with the training, you will be able to create positive goals and plan a successful life. Once you are done with the module, you have molded yourself to a better person with positive outlook in life and a mind moving towards success.

Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources, continuously organizes events such as “Date with Destiny” to provide individuals with the best role models that they can emulate for them to reach their dreams. Success Resources aids individuals not only with business issues but also with their personal development. All the events organized by Success Resources is presented by top speakers with proven methods of being successful. Registering to one of these events will give you an opportunity that you should not miss. Date with Destiny is just one of them. You can start attending this event to know more about yourself. You will be able to explore your options and create a successful vision. It is also a chance for each participant to mingle with other people and share ideas and experiences. The participants you are with may be one of the people that you will be working with to achieve your success.

Richard Tan believes that experience is the best teacher and this is his way of sharing the lessons he learned from his own experiences. If you want to be successful, learn from your experiences, discover more about yourself and make it your guide to your success.

Monday, 9 April 2012

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources Organizes “Set your Mind to Succeed”

In his quest to educate all individuals on how to handle their money and be successful in business, (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organized different business events. Seminars, lectures, and congress where scheduled and top speakers where selected to train each registered participants in topics that can help them achieve their dream of a successful business.

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources coordinated with T. Harv Eker to teach interested individuals registered in Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar. The seminar aims to share the secret behind a millionaire's mind. T. Harv Eker believes that every person has plans to be successful. But most of them were not recognize because of wrong strategy or fear of taking risk. Some lacks financial education to be successful in their field that made their business fail. Because of this, (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organized different seminars that focus on identifying the key trait and strategy on developing your skills. Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar is one these seminars.

At the start of the lecture, participants will be asked to evaluate their current business strategies. Based on these outputs, they will weigh the reason why these strategies became unsuccessful. Once the causes are identified, the speaker will set the current business plan usually used or created based on different margins. From this standard plan, speakers will guide the trainees to expand and update the current business plan. The trainer will make sure that the plans that are created will be successful. Once the plans are set, they will then analyze how businessmen achieved the position they currently have. They will compare the attitude, personality and strategies of successful business to the unsuccessful ones in order to further understand what went wrong. Once these are identified, the participants will know what to do and what to avoid. The training will continue to identify the importance of earning money and reason why you need to be successful. Participants will also be taught how to manage their money and investment. The participants will be taught the simplest and effective way to manage your business' money. And lastly, they will teach their participants to set their goal and their target year to succeed. With all this in mind, the participants will have a clearer view on how their business will prosper and know where their business is heading and if it will successful.

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources and T. Hary Eker continue to conduct these seminars to reach out to different participants in different countries. They continue to mold the minds of young business owners and update the strategies of existing companies to continue to succeed and help other people. (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources offers other seminars and trainings to support other problems encountered by different companies.

Using Technologies to Expand your Business

To expand their market and be globally competitive, businesses now are targeting the users of the internet. They are also looking into helping other people earn money by means of a passive income. Creating this marketing strategy can be very tricky. But with the right group of experts to teach you how to use the technology and guide you in generating your business plan, you will be able to achieve your innovation successfully. Earning money over the Internet can be easily learned by attending the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp organized by (Richard Tan, CEO) Success Resources.

Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources, tapped several internet business experts to be speakers and trainers for the Ultimate Internet Boot camp. (Richard Tan, CEO) Success Resources aims to aid and educate people on how to be competitive in the online market and how to earn money by means of passive income. This boot camp is open to all individuals with or without technological background, and no business experience. They will be training each participant from scratch. Learning the basic is the most important foundation in learning the field. Once you registered to this boot camp, you will be able to:
  • Understand marketing systems and how they work.
  • Learn how a person earns a million dollar as passive income.
  • Learn new technologies and how to use the internet and creating templates for your business advantage.
  • Gain technological skills that you never had before.
  • Build and open you first online business.
  • Learn how to create more business based on what you have learn from the training.
These are just some of the things that you will learn from the experts invited by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO). You will be facing technology professionals who will teach you the values and techniques in the Internet without having trouble understanding the technical terms. You will also be able to know a millionaire who started earning money through passive income. He will give your tips on how he achieve the success he is experiencing now. Once you are done with the five-day training, you will have your one business and ready to create more.

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) encourages you to participate on this type of events. This will not only enhance your skills but it is also a venue to meet and greet people in the business world. These people will, later on, help you in expanding your business. They might also introduce you to other possible businesses that you might be interested to venture into. Richard Tan Success Resources continuously organized this events to offer you more opportunities to enhance your talents and be successful in life. With Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), you have a great partner in learning the business.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Success Resources Organizes National Achiever’s Congress

Everybody is now aiming to earn money the easiest possible way. Though a lot of events has been organized to inspire people to invest and have their own business, it is not the same unless the speakers are known experts in their field. Attending events organized by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), gives you all the opportunity to meet, face-to-face, successful and inspiring business experts. And this time, the National Achiever Congress organized by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), will give you an opportunity to meet and learn from the top three experts in business marketing. Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki will share their insights on this congress.

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) has been organizing business event where one of the speakers mentioned above has participated. This time, at the National Achiever’s Congress, all three of them will be inspiring you to be successful in life. The National Achiever’s Congress, organized by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), will update you on the current business and economic situation. They will inform you of the latest trend in business and give you additional knowledge in business management. They will also discuss the role of tax in every business. This will give you an idea how to budget your investment. How to solve problems about debt will also be discusses. Solutions to avoid having debts will also be taught. You will be introduced to businesses that will not require you to invest money; all you need is your skill and determination to succeed.

Taking risk is another topic to be covered. Risk management will be discusses to aid you on how to work your way to any circumstances. Once you know all the possible risk that you will be facing, then you will be able to compete with other businesses. The speakers of this event will also make you competitive. They will give you tips and samples on how to compete with the existing market. Learning the rules on how to be in a win-win situation will help you in having a successful business. At the end of the congress, you will be more than ready to face another chapter of your business endeavour.

With Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), you will be able to have access to these speakers and the knowledge that they can share. All you have to do is register on different events. A ticket for the event will be sent to you as a sign that you are already registered and allowed to attend the congress. Taping and recording the congress is prohibited so you should attend the congress to give the first-hand information from these experts. Also bring your business cards for net-working and possible expansion of your business.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources Organizes “Making The Stage”: Be a Master Speaker!

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organizes events that contribute to an individual’s growth. Attending these events can aid any person in developing his personality and skills. Some of this training also tackles about business management. Some discusses about new strategies and technology used for business. For each event, (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources ensure that the participants will get the best training and exposure. For this reason, each event is hosted by people who are considered experts in each of their fields. One of these speakers is T. Harv Eker.

T. Harv Eker seminars and lectures are organized by (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources. This includes Never Work Again, Millionaire Mind Intensive, Ultimate Leadership Certification, Enlightened Warrior Training Camp and Making the Stage. These trainings focus on personality development and ways to earn money even by staying at home.

Among the events organized (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources, Making the Stage is the only event that train participants to be a Speaker as well as a Trainer. In this five-day program, T. Hary Eker goal is to make each participant a highly-effective speaker and trainer. The program includes lessons on basic body posture – proper way to stand, proper way to walk. With this program, you will when to walk and when to stay on your place during a training or if you are the speaker. Gestures are the next thing to be learned. Each participant will be taught about the meaning of each gestures and how it affects your audience. Gestures differ in each country so it is best to know these things to avoid offending your audience. Techniques on properly discussing topics and conveying your message to your participants is also one of the highlights of this training. Once you have mastered the skill in communication, the next step is to identify your field of interest. You will be evaluating yourself and identifying what are your traits and how can it be income generating. The program will expose you to different business opportunities and you have to choose the career that brings out the best in you.

During the events organized by (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources, participants are encouraged to take notes and participate in the activities. Participating in the activities will be able to boost your confidence. It will also allow you to practice your communication skills in front of an audience. After five days, you will learn more about yourself. With full cooperation from the participants, the program will be able to run smoothly and orderly. Registration is also required. Each schedule is recorded. Once done with this particular program, you can also choose other trainings that will help you improve yourself and be in your field and be successful.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO): Your Partner in Business Learning

Every person has a goal they want to achieve either today or in the near future. May it be in terms of work, money, family and life in general, a person has something to look forward to. But in order to achieve this dream, you have to act. You have to do something to make your vision realistic. And since you were a kid, you are taught to work hard, be determined, focus and be positive to achieve your goal. But Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) has different thing in mind. In order to be successful you have to learn and be knowledgeable on the field you chose.

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) organizes events with known speakers from around the world. These events are scheduled and all participants should register in order to join. Various speakers who are master or experts of each field in business conducts these seminars organized by Success Resources. These speakers share their experiences and secrets to be successful in life. Most of these events organized by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) last for a maximum of 3 days and some for five days. Speakers are also carefully selected to make sure that they match the participants and be able to deliver the right information for the selected topics. In this way, participants will get the best lessons and training they have paid for.

Some of the events organized by Success Resources focus on how you can identify the right product or service for your business. The speakers for these events encourage their participants to invest on business that they are passionate about. For them, being successful in business is not merely based on the commodity but based on the owner’s love and dedication for his investment. They train each individual from generating ideas and planning for their business, building blueprints, creating strategies, solving problems and making the business successful. Some of the organized events also discuss innovations and the latest trends in business. This events updates business owners of the latest tools used for advertising or promoting business. They also train individuals on how to use the Internet to their advantage and make it a tool for the expansion of their business. Other trainings focus on earning income in the comforts of your home. This gives those people who need to stay at home a chance to earn money. Some events discusses about passive income and how to earn money without spending a lot of time and effort. They teach each participant how to invest their money and also present business investment that are more likely to succeed in the near future. These are just some of the events as the months past by more and more events are being organized by Success Resources.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) Organizes Social Media and Real Transaction Congress

With the growth of technology and the boom of the internet, business has to put some money and effort as an investment to cope up with this market. But, no doubt, investing in this market can be very challenging and expensive if you do not know the right way to invest. For this matter, Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) started gathering trainers and speakers to organize events that will teach and train both businessmen and employees how to start a profitable endeavour through the Internet.

Social Media and Real Transactions Congress was organized by Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources. The speakers for this congress are experienced internet marketing experts, internet business mentors and developers and creators of successful E-Commerce Platforms. These speakers will teach you the trend of E-Commerce or Online businesses. 

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) organized this congress to have an avenue for these experts to share their knowledge and skills to every individual, internet savvy or not. The event aims to educate their participants on how to earn money even by staying at home. From the start of the congress, you will have a direct workshop on creating strategies and business plans for your future online business. They will teach you step-by-step until you have the full grasp of the techniques of organizing online businesses. As the congress continues, you will learn how to organize an online business and the importance of social media to your business. You will be introducing to various social media that can be help you with your business. Each speaker will teach you ways to make profit in a short period of time. The businesses that you will be organizing will also allow you to work anywhere and anytime which will be more convenient for you. Designing and creating marketing plans is also part of your training. After completing the congress, you will be confident to start your Internet business and earn money in the comforts of your home. This is also a good way for you to be introduced to different business owners that can help you later on your career.

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) wanted all its event participants to enjoy the three-day event. Materials for the training will be provided and venues and schedules are well organized. By the end of the training, participants will also get exclusive bonuses. To be able to cater to each participant, Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) organizes these same events in different languages and in different locations so that each participant will be able to grasp the knowledge each speaker would like to partake and be successful in doing their business. At the end of the day, another set of individuals were able to master the techniques in using Internet in creating successful and profitable business.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Success Resources: Mission to Millions

Everyone can be an entrepreneur but not everybody is successful in this endeavour. Some have a lot of capital to start a business but end up a failure while those who just enough ends up successful. This just shows that success is based on the determination of the person and the strategies he applied on his business. But these strategies are usually learned by experience. In order to help, Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) organized events with experienced speakers to teach each participant the secrets to a successful business.

The Mission to Millions is just one of the events organized by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO). This event aims to guide each of its participants to the road of success. This event is highly recommended to individuals who do not have the exact picture of what they want and how to make a successful business. Individuals who believes they can succeed by does not have enough knowledge on businesses are encouraged to participate. This is also recommended to those who lost their passion in life. This event is also a good way to explore your skills to prevent you from going around in circles with your business.

Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO) wanted to share the gift of each of their speakers to enlighten the life of other people. With the organization of Mission to Millions, the speaker assigned will guide the participants to discover their own purpose and mission in life. He will help them focus on the things that they love most. Once you have discovered your passion, it is now easier to focus on the business that fits that passion. Another thing the trainers and speakers will educate its participants is how to make the right decisions that will not compromise what you believe is right and what you feel is right.

Upon the completion of the training or seminar organized by Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), you will be able to identify the business or career that will make use of your skills and talent. You will have the confidence to start the business you have always dreamt of. And you can make this business successful and help other people. This time since you have the passion for your business, you can fully develop a plan that will make your dream a reality.

After attending Success Resources (Richard Tan, CEO), Mission to Millions event, you can explore other events that they have organized to broaden your knowledge and also share your experiences to other people. In this way, you are not only growing personally but you can also built your business by sharing and consulting other people. The key to your success is your passion and determination to make your vision come true.