Monday, 9 April 2012

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources Organizes “Set your Mind to Succeed”

In his quest to educate all individuals on how to handle their money and be successful in business, (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organized different business events. Seminars, lectures, and congress where scheduled and top speakers where selected to train each registered participants in topics that can help them achieve their dream of a successful business.

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources coordinated with T. Harv Eker to teach interested individuals registered in Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar. The seminar aims to share the secret behind a millionaire's mind. T. Harv Eker believes that every person has plans to be successful. But most of them were not recognize because of wrong strategy or fear of taking risk. Some lacks financial education to be successful in their field that made their business fail. Because of this, (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organized different seminars that focus on identifying the key trait and strategy on developing your skills. Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar is one these seminars.

At the start of the lecture, participants will be asked to evaluate their current business strategies. Based on these outputs, they will weigh the reason why these strategies became unsuccessful. Once the causes are identified, the speaker will set the current business plan usually used or created based on different margins. From this standard plan, speakers will guide the trainees to expand and update the current business plan. The trainer will make sure that the plans that are created will be successful. Once the plans are set, they will then analyze how businessmen achieved the position they currently have. They will compare the attitude, personality and strategies of successful business to the unsuccessful ones in order to further understand what went wrong. Once these are identified, the participants will know what to do and what to avoid. The training will continue to identify the importance of earning money and reason why you need to be successful. Participants will also be taught how to manage their money and investment. The participants will be taught the simplest and effective way to manage your business' money. And lastly, they will teach their participants to set their goal and their target year to succeed. With all this in mind, the participants will have a clearer view on how their business will prosper and know where their business is heading and if it will successful.

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources and T. Hary Eker continue to conduct these seminars to reach out to different participants in different countries. They continue to mold the minds of young business owners and update the strategies of existing companies to continue to succeed and help other people. (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources offers other seminars and trainings to support other problems encountered by different companies.

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