Sunday, 1 April 2012

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources Organizes “Making The Stage”: Be a Master Speaker!

(CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources organizes events that contribute to an individual’s growth. Attending these events can aid any person in developing his personality and skills. Some of this training also tackles about business management. Some discusses about new strategies and technology used for business. For each event, (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources ensure that the participants will get the best training and exposure. For this reason, each event is hosted by people who are considered experts in each of their fields. One of these speakers is T. Harv Eker.

T. Harv Eker seminars and lectures are organized by (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources. This includes Never Work Again, Millionaire Mind Intensive, Ultimate Leadership Certification, Enlightened Warrior Training Camp and Making the Stage. These trainings focus on personality development and ways to earn money even by staying at home.

Among the events organized (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources, Making the Stage is the only event that train participants to be a Speaker as well as a Trainer. In this five-day program, T. Hary Eker goal is to make each participant a highly-effective speaker and trainer. The program includes lessons on basic body posture – proper way to stand, proper way to walk. With this program, you will when to walk and when to stay on your place during a training or if you are the speaker. Gestures are the next thing to be learned. Each participant will be taught about the meaning of each gestures and how it affects your audience. Gestures differ in each country so it is best to know these things to avoid offending your audience. Techniques on properly discussing topics and conveying your message to your participants is also one of the highlights of this training. Once you have mastered the skill in communication, the next step is to identify your field of interest. You will be evaluating yourself and identifying what are your traits and how can it be income generating. The program will expose you to different business opportunities and you have to choose the career that brings out the best in you.

During the events organized by (CEO, Richard Tan) Success Resources, participants are encouraged to take notes and participate in the activities. Participating in the activities will be able to boost your confidence. It will also allow you to practice your communication skills in front of an audience. After five days, you will learn more about yourself. With full cooperation from the participants, the program will be able to run smoothly and orderly. Registration is also required. Each schedule is recorded. Once done with this particular program, you can also choose other trainings that will help you improve yourself and be in your field and be successful.

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