Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Unleashing The Power Of Our Mind

It has been said that our brain is capable of such immense powers and that ordinary people use only ten percent of it. William Clement Stone, in his famous book “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude” quotes that ‘whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This might be a kind of mind-boggling, but it is true. How do we “ordinary people” obtain this goal?

Tapping the power of the mind is not really a difficult task, as long as we know the techniques. It can even be enjoyable to practice them daily, with patience.

      1.      Visualize.

When you read something, a book or a magazine, try to imagine the scenery around it. Pretend it’s a movie. Watch the scenes, hear the sounds. Imagine the scents and feel the texture. This way, neural passages are created, stimulating brain cells. Visualize as many details as you can. This is a great memory booster.

2.      Rest.

A cellphone needs to be recharged when battery power runs out. Long usage and opening too many apps can drain its power. Like a cellphone, our minds need to recharge after long concentration. Closing our eyes and resting is the means to recharge it. Rest ten minutes after an hour of heavy mental task. Sleep at least six hours nightly to give your minds its much-needed rest.

Studies show that storing information in our long-term memory is a complex process, and it needs adequate sleep and rest to perform correctly.

3.      Use mnemonics.

Mnemonics is the art or practice of improving or aiding the memory. This is used in combination with visualization. Use the law of association to facilitate quicker recall. For example, you meet a woman named Angel Bender. In your mind, visualize an angel with her face bending over you. Another popular example is what your music teacher taught you: that the notes on the treble staff are EGBDF, which stands for Every Good Boy Does Fine.

4.      Mental Exercise.

Just as the brain needs rest, it also needs exercise. Like our bodies, our mind thrives in the alternate shifting of exercise and rest.

Trying something new and different will increase our mental flexibility, our reasoning capability, and memory hold. Try your hand at solving brain games like Sudoku or scrabble. Try also computer video games that stimulate our mental ability. A new set of neural pathways are created which can increase mind power.

5.       Be stress-free.

Physical, emotional, and mental stress can exact a heavy toll on our whole system. A little stress can prepare us for bigger challenges in life, but too much of it can be our enemy. Staying focused on a task while under stress decreases our capabilities and may produce unwanted results. Relax, and get into the habit of distressing yourself.

Interacting and socializing with family and friends is a good stress reliever. Lavish love on a pet. Take time to meditate. Spend an afternoon listening to your favorite music. These can soothe tense nerves and increase feelings of well-being that improves focus.

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